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+86 (21) 50312369
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SXD(Shanghai)Sales&Service Co.,Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  which is affiliated with  China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.IT is a global professional marine diesel engines and diesel generators spare parts supplier on Diesel engine sales, Engine spare parst sales, Commissioning and maintenance, Engine technical training,etc.
Diesel Engine Sales Diesel Engine Sale...
Safe, Reliable, Easy maintenance and operate,Better eco...
Spare Parts Sales Spare Parts Sales
Full range of spare parts have a lot of inventory, one ...
Commissioning and Maintenance Commissioning and ...
Installation, commissioning and warranty period outside...
Technical Training Technical Training
Providing the oretical and practical trainning for SXD ...
Authorized agent Authorized agent
Supplying The Genuine Parts To Fitting For MAN LISENCE ...
SXD(SHANGHAI) Hold birthday party for staff SXD(SHANGHAI) Hold birthday party for staff
"I wish you a happy birthday, happy birthday to you,..." , with the familiar birthday song, three "longevity" ...
SXD (SHANGHAI) organize the environmental activities SXD (SHANGHAI) organize the environmental activities
SXD (SHANGHAI) hold the activities of "Low carbon, environmental protection and green travel" The activity co...
+86 (21) 50312369
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